BOXmover GmbH stands for “manufacturing-oriented design” in vehicle & container construction and handling technologies

BOXmover Seitenlader- und

BOXmover Kipp-Container

Do you want to achieve innovative approaches and unbundling of dependencies in your logistics chain? Standardize the manufacturing process through “intelligence” in the components – regardless of whether it is for prototype or series production – then BOXmover GmbH is the right partner for you!

Our container handling and transport systems can be used universally and are compatible with all chassis concepts and handling equipment. This is open source logistics, functional and sustainable.

The BOXmover GmbH, founded in 2004 by Dipl.-Ing. Rudolf Hubauer, offers you technical concepts including “manufacturing-oriented design” as well as innovative products in the field of heavy-duty, storage and handling technology.

The BOXmover technologies have been developed to include individual customer specifications, but are compatible with the existing handling systems in terminals or container wagons in rail traffic and can be expanded with our products. Use the BOXmover side loader in agriculture, on the factory premises or as a mobile temporary storage facility while the truck is already in use at other locations. Use the BOXmover tipping container and the tipping chassis for your bulk goods logistics.

Benefit from the resulting flexibility from combined truck and rail transport with the help of BOXmover technology.

We understand open-source logistics solutions to be a system that is fully compatible with all relevant standards and is based on the exclusive use of industrial-grade components that are freely available on the market in order to reduce maintenance and lifecycle costs.

BOXmover GmbH is also available to you as a research partner. We offer you order-related production including production based on actual effort. BOXmover GmbH is your modern solution provider for logistics problems!

Benefit from the innovative BOXmover technology! Become a BOXmover too and contact us!