BOXmover GmbH stands for “manufacturing-oriented design” in Vehicle & container construction and handling technologies

BOXmover Seitenlader- und

BOXmover Kipp-Container

Do you want to achieve innovative approaches and unbundling of dependencies in your logistics chain? Standardize the manufacturing process through “intelligence” in the components – regardless of whether it is for prototype or series production – then BOXmover GmbH is the right partner for you!

From the time and cost savings in logistics to the individualization of their solutions BOXmover GmbH sets no limits.

Become flexible and benefit from the manufacturing-oriented construction in the steel frame construction of BOXmover GmbH.

We provide innovative open source logistics solutions. Our mindset is to reduce complicated technical as well as constructive problems to simple basic problems which inspires BOXmover GmbH to build innovative technologies and solutions for your business.

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By open-source logistics solutions we mean a system that is fully compatible with all respective standards and norms, as well as the use of industrial-suited, freely avaiable components, to guarantee low maintainance and Lifecycle Costs. Using industry-proven and standardized components, we realize individual solutions for your distinct problem. How? With the solely use of standardized components that fulfill the requirements of ISO-norms. That is how BoxMover GmbH implements technologies, that are unrestrained compatible, all over the world. Thus, with BOXmover GmbH you are always up-to-date and cost-effective in the logistics of your company.
BOXmover is your system provider!

You can also consider the BOXmover GmbH as a research partner. We offer you an order-related production incl. production according to actual expenditure. Let the BOXmover GmbH be the modern solution provider for your logistics problems!

Benefit from the innovative BOXmover technology! Become a BOXmover and contact us!