BOXmover side loader

Characteristics of the combined cargotraffic are a lot of manipulations of loading units on different modes of transport.

For you, this means lack of flexibility in the area of ​​application outside the transhipment terminal, high logistics and personnel costs.

In addition, you are dependent on crane systems in any form to allow the cargo units to be transhipped from truck to rail or vice versa. Additionally, the occuring load torque requires a solid steel construction to ensure safe manipulation.

The BOXmover GmbH stifles these disadvantages in the bud. How

Thanks to an efficient and innovative design that does not experience these load torques. The solution lies in the load application point. It was mounted another support device, which forms a closed load triangle together with the main leg and a slide-away. The two pressure-loaded legs are designed as hydraulic cylinders, the tensioned as safety rope.

Here you will find information about the technical conditions!

This simple load derivation concept enables the use of standardized components.

Sideloader 40ft -HC
BOXmover side loader

There is a clear definition of the load dissipation and thus an exactly calculable load capacity of the components. They are not only guaranteed a cost-effective production, but also a largely maintenance-free construction.

This crane design distinguishes the BOXmover GmbH clearly from its competitors, since this innovative construction proves a multiple of its contact force due to the torque derivation.

This makes you benefit from both a simple and efficient design, but also from the resulting flexibility and cost savings.

Manipulation with the BOXmover side loader

It allows easy horizontal manipulation as well as parking the load units at any place and every height level between ground, truck and train wagon.

Container handling without special equipment is possible for you.

Become independent of the duration of loading and unloading, availability of cranes and other special equipment. Use the available terminals, gateways or lifting systems in the form of “autonomous small terminals” on connection bars. Transports can be bundled, travel times and container manipulations are used more efficiently, thus reducing logistics costs.

Become an innovative BOXmover too!