BOXmover technology

BOXmover GmbH stands for manufacturing-oriented design. Planning of steel-sheet  frame constructions in the fields of vehicle construction (trailer chassis, trailer and truck superstructures) as well as container construction (special superstructures / bulk & rock containers / tipping containers and ACTS – roll-off containers) offers the customer innovative handling and manipulation technologies for your logistics chain in full load transport.

BOXmover GmbH works according to an efficient principle called “production-oriented design”, which takes economic feasibility into account during construction.

In traditional mechanical engineering companies, planning and production preparation are decoupled from each other when designing steel components. In design, the aspects of functionality and appearance or weight optimization are usually considered; and the downstram manufacturing process must produce an adequate solution based on these specifications.

Too often there is an immense loss of time here, because during the planning it is not considered whether and how individual parts can be manufactured using today’s means and technology.

In our solution approach, manufacturing-oriented design, the design focuses on economic feasibility and every component is designed according to the requirements of the manufacturing process. The individual sheet metal components are interlocking – connected by tongue-and-groove systems, plug-in connections, design-related stops or montage screw connections to the other components, whereby the fitting of components or the use of templates or mounting devices is completely eliminated.

As a designer, you cannot visit every manufacturing company to explain the planned product in terms of manufacturing technology. If you know the production chain, the machine and manufacturing possibilities and take them into account, you don’t need to develop a new production line or manufacturing devices or train employees for a new product, you can start manufacturing immediately.

When assembling the sheet metal welding frame, the fitter / welder uses a digital 3D twin on the computer and assembles the sheet metal parts, which are provided with individual component numbers, in their original size. The individual sheet metal components are fixed by spot welding. Only when the entire product has been assembled correctly, is it welded – always following the same welding sequence. Nothing has to be readjusted or edited. This eliminates another source of errors in the finishing process. Due to the different customer requirements, each assembly is individualized, but can still be manufactured consistently thanks to the manufacturing-oriented design process.

This plug-in system or tongue-and-groove system enables the product to be assembled without special welding devices. This concept enables BOXmover GmbH to offer customers series production from batch size 1.

It is therefore irrelevant to the manufacturing process developed by BOXmover GmbH whether 100 units of the same component are manufactured or 100 different components are manufactured using the same manufacturing process. The long-term practical test of the manufacturing-oriented design process shows that the manufacturing costs of the components – due to the optimized manufacturing process and the elimination of cost-intensive devices – are comparable to the costs for series production, but with customer-optimized individual design.

BOXmover GmbH specializes in innovations in combined cargo traffic and offers individual solutions with standardized loading units and vehicles. The BOXmover technologies are characterized by functional, flexible and future-oriented concepts and offer the user an open source logistics solution that can be used worldwide.

Open source logistics solution means that the vehicle (the loading unit / body / handling equipment) is optimized to the requirements of the customer and the goods to be transported, but each component used can in turn be integrated – without restrictions – into existing standardized and standardized combined cargo transport systems .

Our products in the field of heavy-duty, storage and handling technology are constructed on the basis of the BOXmover technology. The goal is to reduce complex problems to simple basic problems and to resolve them with standardized solutions. With the handling equipment, emphasis is placed on a largely torque-free handling construction in order to be able to divert the load through hydraulic cylinders. In the tilting systems, the dimensional stability of the outside stands and the overall rigidity of the container are used in order to be able to manufacture the devices in a weight-optimized manner.

The innovative and customer-specific logistics solutions from BOXmover GmbH enables you to save costs and act flexibly by solving spatial, temporal and local problems in the logistics chain. Many of our developments are based on combinations and synergies that have been well established and tested in other specialist areas. This reduces lifecycle costs and our customers can obtain spare parts directly from a trusted dealer in the region. We see ourselves as a manufacturer of high-quality logistics products, which are purchased and replaced by a new generation after a successful period of use. Since BOXmover GmbH does not want to benefit from maintenance contracts, the products are designed to be largely maintenance-free.

How do we do this?

The logistics solutions from BOXmover GmbH contain exclusively industry-compatible components which are freely available on the market and comply with ISO standards. The load-bearing components are exclusively steel-sheet constructions, which means that practically every contract manufacturer can manufacture these products – on a license basis. This is how BOXmover GmbH contributes to regional production.

The BOXmover 3-sided tipping container enables your easy and customer-specific manipulation of bulk goods in combined cargo transport. Its advantages lie on the one hand in the modular design, on the other hand in its accordance to ISO norms. The 3-sided tipping container is a fully fledged ISO container. The modular design enables individual configuration options for your specific requirements. The modular construction means that the floor assembly, the end walls, side walls and the roof can be put together in any way – customer-specific. In addition, our innovative hollow profile facilitates the manipulation of the load and at the same time enables even loading of pallets in the same loading unit.

With the BOXmover intermediate load carrier, the 3-sided tipping container can be tipped on a standard railway container wagon as a manipulation unit. Thanks to the innovative design of the intermediate load carrier, it can be placed on the standard wagon and under the 3-sided tipping container, thus enabling bulk discharge at up to 45 degrees. Since the intermediate load carrier is only 30 cm high, the combination of a 3-sided tipping container (ISO – DC – height) and an intermediate load carrier is exactly the same height as a high cube container and is therefore suitable for all common clearance profiles of the railway. Optionally, the energy for the intermediate load carrier is operated by an integrated power pack (optionally all intermediate load carriers of a wagon from one power pack) or by an external power pack (operated by hydraulic quick coupling on the intermediate load carrier). Without the intermediate load carrier, the wagon and the 3-sided tipping container are standard equipment. This flexibility characterizes the open source logistics process.

ROCK - Container

Tried and tested systems from the tipper vehicle construction can be found in the BULK & ROCK – skips trough with half pipe construction. The heavy rock recesses in vehicle construction are mostly made with a semi-circular construction for manufacturing reasons. This constructive model was combined with the manufacturing-oriented design approach of BOXmover for the ROCK and BULK containers. For heavy, large stones there is a variant for opening the rear door and a lower loading flap to prevent damage to the vehicle when tipping. The entire half pipe container product family is available in mechanical as well as hydraulic versions and optionally with a removable roof. The loading volume is offered in three versions (15m³ – 20m³ and 25m³), each with a total weight of 38 tons. The dead weight (tare) depends on the size and design and is between 2.8 and 4 tons. The base is designed as a wear plate, which is why the container is initially only available as a painted version. The product family has forklift pockets on the side, which means that manipulation with a container stacker is also possible.

With the innovative transhipment systems, the focus lies on combined cargo transport by truck & train. The BOXmover side loader enables you to manipulate cargo units on decentralized loading tracks or to unload the units at ground level for the sender or recipient. With its low weight and a lifting capacity of 35 tons, the side loader is ideally suited for flexible use in the pre- and post-run on public roads.

With our partner Scheuwimmer Fahrzeugbau GmbH, we offer holistic solutions in truck construction and trailer construction. Among other products, the ACTS roll-off sledge trailer and the BOXmover 20ft and 40ft container chassis are produced.