Corporate history

At the center of BOXmover GmbH are future-oriented developments and innovative ideas in the field of transport logistics. Dipl-Ing. Rudolf Hubauer, managing partner and innovative spirit of BOXmover GmbH, acquired his extensive knowledge in the field of handling and storage technology at the HTL for mechanical engineering in Linz as well as at the Vienna University of Technology during the study of “Industrial Engineering / Construction Management”. As part of numerous logistics research projects and with over 15 years of practical experience in innovative vehicle construction, including at Scheuwimmer Fahrzeugbau GmbH, a broad base of knowledge was created, which extends beyond the drawing board to final assembly.

During his studies he developed an innovative, patented heavy-duty high-bay storage system, which resulted in a very successful cooperation with the MCE VOEST. A system that optimizes the logistics process and could be constructed with hydraulic components that were already available. Already here it became apparent that for Rudolf Hubauer, efficiency in innovation is just as important as its targeted applicability.

This basic setting should lead to the development of numerous products and ultimately to the “production-oriented design” presented in 2018!

BOXmover side loader

The idea of the BOXmover side loader led to the founding of BOXmover GmbH in 2004 with headquarters in Upper Austria.

Sideloader 40ft HC - Presse
BOXmover side loader for ISO containers with 40ft length and highcube

The basic engineering phase was successfully completed after a few years.

The patent application was enabled by consistent further development, the rethinking of common solutions, as well as by the reduction to the essential technological and physical properties of cranes. In 2009, a prototype of the BOXmover sideloader was completed.

The relaunch of the BOXmover side loader technology in 2017 and the implementation of standardized hydraulic and electrical components guarantee a worldwide, largely maintenance-free operation.

The manufacturing method of the sheet-metal-welded steel components has been further optimized so that in case of damage these components can be manufactured and installed on site at the regional distributor.
Thus, BOXmover GmbH eliminates cost-intensive spare parts trading.

BOXmover tipping container & BOXmover tipping unit

Due to increasing customer requirements in the area of ​​combined freight transport and the requirements to shift inland transport to the railways economically, the development spirit of Dipl.-Ing. Rudolf Hubauer has been awakened.

This led to the development of the
BOXmover tipping containers as well as the BOXmover tipping unit.

The development of a BOXmover roll-off container with the properties of an ISO container offers unimagined application possibilities, especially in the urban area. This symbiosis combines the best of two worlds of logistics.
From the harvest field to the waste logistics industry, the BOXmover roll-off container offers the opportunity to be handled both with standard hook lift systems and with terminal equipment.

BOXmover innovations

BOXmover customers have no limits, they can operate worldwide and use the standards of international container transport. In addition, BOXmover GmbH has been an established partner in numerous innovative research projects in Austria for many years.

Benefit from the BOXmover innovation spirit and the BOXmover technologies!

Change your logistics system with the help of BOXmover GmbH and become an innovative BOXmover!