Technical data BOXmover tipping unit

Intermediate load carries

  • 20 ft base frame with a total width of 2.55 m
  • Tiltable on both sides up to 45 ° using a multi-stage telescopic cylinder

  • Lifting power decreases with the angle of inclination, which prevents a shift in the center of gravity (risk of tipping)
  • positive locking brackets engage in the longitudinal beam of the railway wagon

  • Tare: 1.6 to
  • Lifting capacity two times 38 to
  • in combination with the BOXmover tipping container, the BOXmover intermediate load carrier reaches the size of a high cube container and therefore always fits into the clearance profile of a container wagon
  • The energy is transferred hydraulically or electrically and is provided either via a mobile power pack located at the unloading point or via an autonomous system installed in the BOXmover intermediate charge carrier.
  • the BOXmover intermediate load carriers can be stacked 9 times on top of each other