Technical data BOXmover tipping container

Our modular all-rounder – the BOXmover tipping container

  • standardized ISO 20ft construction with 33.5 m³ loading volume
  • hydraulic side door lock, mechanical rear
  • Versions:
    • half high container variant: 36to HzGG (2.7to tare)
    • light container variant: 32to HzGG (2.8to tare)
    • heavy container variant: 36to HzGG (3.2to tare)

Guide price f. Series acceptance (> 40pcs.): 12,000 EUR net EXW

  • Rail & truck optimized, handling with terminal equipment, forklift or side loader possible
  • unique hydraulic tipping system ⇒ BOXmover intermediate load carrier
  • with the unique and innovative corner profile for more stability and better handling of bulk goods
  • Open top, bulk and closed in one, with removable roof including rain water drainage

  • Optionally with container doors for piece goods transport and / or tipping at the rear side
  • Lateral folding walls can be hydraulically folded upwards by 180 °.
  • Lateral loading of 2 x 7 = 14 EURO pallets with forklift is possible.
  • Weight-optimized and inexpensive, hot-dip galvanized aluminum steel modular construction